Winter's Warmly Spiced Degustation
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Winter's Warmly Spiced Degustation

Introducing Steer's New Winter Menu - Warmly Spiced

For when the icy winds blow through the alleyways of our soul, the fragrant spices, like an open flame, bring respite and take us back to the warmth and happiness of days-gone-by...
Winter is upon us and with it we find solace in all things warm including those foods which warm us from within. In this winter’s seasonal menu, we are focussing on rich and warmly spiced sauces and braises using the comforting flavours of cardamom, star anise, ginger, cloves, paprika, coriander seed, mustard seed and the like.

Everything happens for a reason, especially in Steer's kitchen and on every plate. Each ingredient has a part to play and has been carefully selected to highlight the produce in a distinctive way. This season we are cooking and speaking of warm, rich flavours and here is a little taste of dishes to come:

Hiramasa kingfish is a rich, yet delicate dish, enhanced, but not overpowered by coconut broth infused with hints of lemongrass and ginger. Avruga caviar gives it a burst of character with a smoky and slightly salty finish. Thai basil completes the dish, bringing it to a herbaceous conclusion.

When it comes to Steer's master-stock slow braised pork belly, there is a lot happening. Char Sui caramel glaze takes centre stage with sweet and salty balance. To give it a bit of depth in flavour, we have added chilli for a touch of heat and pineapple for sweetness. 

Finally, for dessert, condensed milk custard is infused with warm, aromatic cardamom. Green tea granita has citrus notes of yuzu to give it refreshing and tart characters. The dish is complete with the sweet component of black sugar ice cream.

Winter Degustation Dinner

To celebrate the arrival of our new Winter menu we will be hosting a 6-course plus canapé degustation dinner, with matching wines, which will showcase our non-steak dishes.
We have reserved the 19th of June for the event, just two nights before the Winter solstice

We are currently taking registrations of interest. More information about the event will be coming soon.

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