Steer Dining Room

Steer Dining Room is a fine dining steak restaurant in South Yarra, Melbourne. 

 paddock to plate

Steer is proud to work with many of Australia's best beef producers. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality beef to provide to our guests a unique offering.  

Sher Wagyu 

Sher Wagyu is praised by Steer because of  its constancy and full wagyu flavour. A family owned and run farm, we work closely with Nick and Vicky Sher to produce many primal and secondary cuts that appear on the menu.  

Robbins Island.jpg

Robbins Island Wagyu

Robbins Island Tasmanian Wagyu finds its way onto the Steer menu because we believe it is the best grain fed wagyu in the country and is bread in one of the cleanest environment in the world.

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Cape Grim Beef    

Cape Grim Beef offers one of the best pasture fed beef. Located in the far northwest corner of Tasmania, the abundance of lush green pastures means there is no use of silage in the cattle's diet resulting in better quality beef. 

Rangers Valley.jpg

Rangers Valley 

Rangers Valley specialises in Black Angus cross wagyu breeds that provides a complex taste and texture to their beef. They are also leaders in state-of-the-art feed lot operations, and practice sustainable farming.