Head Chef Jeffry Lim has been with the Steer family since 2009, honing his skills throughout the earlier years to taking our menu to the next level where it is now. From Japanese Kagoshima A5 to Victorian Sher Family Wagyu, Jeffry’s selection of steak is a testament to his commitment and passion towards fine food and modern steak dining. Always with a finger on the industry’s pulse, Jeffry loves to go out and about to Melbourne’s best restaurants on his days off. Either that or he spends time at home with his wife for a home cooked meal. Jeffry’s favourite cuisine is ‘comfort food’ – his beef rendang dish is to die for.


Restaurant Manager Harold Faizal has been in the industry since 2005 managing fine dining establishments around Australia, bringing a fair share of knowledge and passion to the Steer table. From his personal experience managing restaurants and love affair with wine and cheese, Harold is passionate about making Steer a welcoming and vibrant destination to dine, with a commitment to quality and the warmest service. 

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