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Three Glasses of Excellence: Steer Dining Room's Award-Winning Wine List

At Steer Dining Room, we've always believed that wine is not just a beverage; it's a story. And our recent accolade at the prestigious Australia's Wine List of The Year Awards is a testament to the dedication and passion that goes into crafting our wine collection. We're thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the highest ranking of 'Three Glasses' at this esteemed competition, joining a league of establishments committed to excellence in wine service.
Our wine list is, like our culinary philosophy, a culinary journey. We're known for our dedication to Australian and Japanese Wagyu, and this devotion is reflected in the robust flavours that fill our selection. However, what sets us apart is the thoughtful curation of our wine list.
It's not just a compendium of big, bold reds (though we do have those, too). Our list has a dedicated section called 'Emerging Styles' where we explore the mediumness and the esoteric. We believe that wine should be an adventure, and this is our way of inviting our guests to try something new and exciting.
But perhaps what is most inspiriting about our wine list is the 'by the glass' selection and our wine pairings. This is where wine connoisseurs can truly indulge. Here, we've carefully curated wines that perfectly complement the finest Wagyu. It's an opportunity to pair your meal with wines that elevate every bite.
Our 'Three Glasses' ranking is not just a recognition of our commitment to offering a comprehensive wine list, but it's also a celebration of the depth and diversity of our wine selection. It's about finding the perfect wine for every dish, every palate, and every moment.

So, what does this award mean for our guests?

It means that when you dine at Steer Dining Room, you're not just savouring incredible food and wine; you're also experiencing the result of an unyielding passion for both. You're exploring a wine list that isn't just a list but a carefully crafted story of flavours and experiences.
We invite you to come and be a part of this story, to raise your glass to a new adventure in wine, and to celebrate this remarkable achievement with us. 'Three Glasses' is not just an award; it's a promise that when you dine at Steer, you're in for an extraordinary wine and fine dining experience.
Join us at Steer Dining Room, where we raise our glasses to celebrate the art of fine wine and exceptional dining. Come, experience the journey.

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