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Steer Dining Room: Celebrating #17 in the world’s 101 best steak restaurants ranking 2024

Updated: Jul 4

Steer Dining Room proudly announces its inclusion in this year's prestigious list of the World's 101 Best Steak Restaurants, securing the #17 spot globally and ranking as the #4 Australian steak destination on this esteemed roster.

Compiled annually by London-based Upper Cut Media House Ltd., with representatives spanning internationally, the list meticulously evaluates up to 900 restaurants worldwide. Steak Ambassadors visit these establishments incognito, assessing them against unique criteria tailored to the steak dining experience, emphasising quality across all aspects.

Harold Faizal, General Manager of Steer Dining Room, expresses gratitude for the recognition within a realm that celebrates the distinct artistry of steak cuisine on an international level. "Seeing as the Michelin Star rating does not come to Australia, this list is important as it provides recognition for Australian restaurants on the world stage. We are delighted to be listed on such an elite list and represent Melbourne as a leading and trend-setting city dining destination.”

Being on the list drives the team’s core philosophy towards excellence. “We curate menus featuring only the finest cuts, from luxurious Australian Wagyu to iconic Japanese A5, delivering them with a contemporary flair while upholding the timeless essence of a classic steakhouse."

At Steer Dining Room, the focus on Wagyu sets it apart, epitomising steak dining with its unmatched tenderness and flavour. Far beyond the conventional 'steak and sides,' guests are offered an extensive à la carte selection of over 30 varieties of steak including a number of in-house dry-aged cuts. Additionally, two tasting menus provide a deeper culinary exploration into the world of Wagyu, offering a truly rarefied experience.

Adding to its culinary excellence, Steer Dining Room announces the introduction of Kobe A5 to its menu in April 2024. Sourced directly from Japan's Hyogo Prefecture, renowned for its meticulous cattle rearing, Kobe A5 represents the pinnacle of premium dining experiences in the steak world. Steer Dining Room now proudly stands among Victoria's select few restaurants authorised to offer this prestigious delicacy, following a stringent selection process by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association in Japan.

Enhancing the dining experience further, Steer Dining Room unveils the exclusive 'Kobe Prestige Menu.' Crafted by Head Chef Jeffry Lim, this meticulously curated three-course menu highlights the exceptional quality of Kobe A5 through both traditional Japanese classics and contemporary steakhouse-style dishes. Courses include a Kobe A5 steak tartare canape, Japanese style tataki & kushiyaki, plus the prized eye fillet cut served with foie gras and sauce Perigord.

For reservations and inquiries, please visit Steer Dining Room's website or contact 03 9827 1891.

About Steer Dining Room:

Situated in the heart of South Yarra, Melbourne, Steer Dining Room is honoured as the #17 steakhouse globally and #4 in Australia by the esteemed World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants. With an intimate setting boasting only 38 seats, Steer presents the widest choice of Australian & Japanese Wagyu, alongside an exclusive in-house Dry-Aged Steak selection. The menu is complemented by a wine list awarded Three Glasses by Australia’s Wine List of the Year.

About Kobe A5:

Kobe A5 represents the epitome of premium dining experiences in the steak world. Sourced directly from Japan's Hyogo Prefecture, renowned for its meticulous cattle rearing, Kobe A5 boasts unmatched quality, tenderness, and flavor.

For more information on the Kobe Classification, please visit the Kobe Club Website.

For general enquiries, please contact: Harold Faizal - General Manager 0416 244 476 | 03 9827 1891 |

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