Steer Dining Room

Steer Dining Room is a fine dining steak restaurant in South Yarra, Melbourne. 


We are a modern Australian steak restaurant with hints of the vibrant flavours and aromas found in Asian cuisine. We aim to deliver an exciting dining experience by creating an environment that is fun, warm and sophisticated. Our food is fresh, lively and innovative and designed to enhance our main fare, the luscious and succulent beef. 


We represent the very best of Wagyu, Black Angus and Hereford beef raised by the best Australian producers. They may be fed on pasture, ration or a combination of both, to create a variety of flavour profiles and textures. 

To determine where to find the best example of each, we much take into consideration the environmental aspects best suited to each variety. For example, pasture fed beef must be fed on green pastures, otherwise the farmer needs to supplement their feed with silage. For the purest example of pasture fed beef, we source from Tasmania where there is high rainfall and always lush green pasture.