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Steer Dining Room was voted the 17th best steak restaurant in the world, and second best in Melbourne (fourth best in the country). Steer was commended for its selection of premium steaks, which include a range of local and international cuts.


World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants List for 2024 Includes a Whopping 11 Australian Spots!

The annual ranking is in its fifth year, with six steakhouses in Sydney and five in Melbourne making the cut.

kobe-beef-steer-dining-room-steak-restaurant-melbourne 8.jpg

Melbourne's first recognition came via Victor Churchill, which is knocking on the door of the top ten by sitting in 11th place. It also took out a second position in the top 20 with Steer Dining Room in 17th spot.


In swanky South Yarra, at Steer Dining Room, you can try one of Australia’s most sophisticated approaches to steak. Using both Australian beef, as well as indulgent A5 Japanese Wagyu, this is a place to compare and savour great meat through a uniquely Australian lens.

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These Melbourne Venues Are Among The Best Steak Restaurants In The World.

If you've got carnivorous cravings, visit one of the five Melbourne venues that made it to the World's Best Steak Restaurants list.

Private dining at Fine Dining Steak Restaurant, Steer Dining Room, Melbourne.

Steer Dining Room’s focus on Wagyu creates a unique point of difference when compared to other steak restaurants.


Steak is the main event. Choose from grain- or pasture-fed beef first, and then scour the list of producers, cuts and scores to find the perfect steak from almost 30 options.

Front counter at Steer Dining Room, welcoming guests to our fine dining steak restaurant

Simply put, the meat here is as good as it gets. Choose between grain- or grass-finished, between wagyu, angus or angus/hereford; specify the degree to which you would like it cooked; then let the accomplished kitchen do your bidding.


The team here focus on Wagyu, working with Australia's top producers to bring it right to your plate.

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We are thrilled to announce that Steer Dining Room has been listed as #17 in the prestigious World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants ranking for 2024! This recognition highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences and celebrates our dedication to the art of steak cuisine. 

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