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2GR Wagyu: Australia's Crown Jewel of Beef

Australia has emerged as a formidable player in the global Wagyu industry, and at the forefront of this rise is the Rinehart family's 2GR Wagyu. Rooted in traditional Japanese breeding wisdom but seamlessly blended with the innovation of Australian farming, 2GR Wagyu is a symbol of gastronomic luxury.

Origins: The Rinehart Legacy

Beyond the vast landscapes and picturesque scenery of New South Wales lies the ranch of the Rinehart family. Here, the legacy of cattle farming is cultivated with a dedication that parallels the passion and meticulous care seen in Japan's esteemed Wagyu regions. The resultant 2GR Wagyu, borne from purebred Wagyu cattle, encapsulates this union of dedication, nature, and nurture.

2GR Wagyu: A Masterpiece in Marbling and Flavour

The essence of 2GR Wagyu is undoubtedly its immaculate marbling. Like a work of art, the intricate patterns of fat interspersed within the meat not only make it visually appealing but are also responsible for its tender texture and sumptuous buttery flavour. This isn't just by accident but is a testament to the cattle's ideal diet of grain and grass, coupled with a free-grazing lifestyle, which brings out these sought-after qualities.

Moreover, the application of traditional Japanese breeding techniques, harmonized with modern Australian farming practices, elevates 2GR Wagyu to a tier above its counterparts. It’s this harmonious blend that makes every bite an exploration of rich, multifaceted tastes.

Global Acclaim for a Local Marvel

2GR Wagyu isn't just celebrated on Australian shores; its reputation extends to gourmet restaurants across the globe. Esteemed by culinary maestros and connoisseurs alike, dishes featuring 2GR Wagyu are savoured as they would a fine wine, with every bite revealing layers of depth, character, and history.

2GR Wagyu exemplifies Australia's triumph in the world of Wagyu beef. At Steer Dining Room, we feel privileged to offer our patrons this unique taste experience, bridging the time-honoured traditions of Japan with the pioneering spirit of Australian farming. Embark on a culinary odyssey with us and delve into the rich tapestry of flavours that is 2GR Wagyu.

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