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Black Opal Wagyu: Gippsland's Marbled Marvel

Victoria’s Gippsland region, known for its lush landscapes, now stands as the cradle for one of the world's finest beef brands - Black Opal Wagyu. A testament to Australian craftsmanship and dedication, Black Opal doesn’t just offer beef; it provides a gateway to an unrivalled gastronomic adventure.

Roots in the Richness of Gippsland

Gippsland, with its rich soils and pristine conditions, is naturally suited for breeding exceptional cattle. Black Opal capitalises on these innate benefits, giving their Wagyu a wholesome life on verdant pastures. But it’s not just nature that shapes this beef; it’s the carefully curated grain and hay diet that finishes their journey, ensuring the cattle mature with unparalleled marbling, the true signature of premium Wagyu.

A Symphony of Genetics and Dedication

At the heart of Black Opal Wagyu lies a combination of top-tier Wagyu genetics and an unwavering commitment to cattle rearing. The result? A beef that stands in a league of its own. Every slice, every bite is a showcase of the meticulous care, attention, and knowledge infused into its creation.

Revered on Global Culinary Stages

Black Opal Wagyu isn’t just celebrated in Australia. Its reputation stretches across continents, finding its way onto plates in the world's most prestigious dining establishments. This international adoration isn’t surprising given the brand’s commitment to producing beef that is not just tender but packed with an intensity of flavour, a testament to its impeccable lineage and upbringing

Steer Dining Room takes immense pride in presenting Black Opal Wagyu to its patrons. An embodiment of the beauty of Gippsland and the precision of Australian farming, Black Opal is a culinary experience waiting to be cherished.


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